life ain't written in the sand

GN-001 Exia
>>I was hurting so much.
>>I hurt so much, and I wanted nothing more
>>than to lay myself down and rest.
>>But I damn well won't abandon anyone --

Not him, not them, and not the world. Bring it on!

((((rp journal for a very very AU Gundam Exia, of Gundam 00.))
armed interventions, beaches, being squishy is funny, bladework, celestial being, dueling, fencing, flying, gn-002 dynames, gn-003 kyrios, gn-004 nadleeh, gny-001 astraea, haros are pests, hoping for setsuna's therapy, innovators, krung thep, lots of swords, oceans, ptolemaios, setsuna f seiei, thought skittles were food, training youngsters, veda, who's the saji kid